Artist: Noel Sanger
Title: Bardo Thötröl / Towards The One
Label: Music Now Records
By: Chad Harnish | 21 October 2002
  • A: Bardo Thötröl
  • B: Towards The One

Noel Sanger "Bardo Thötröl / Towards The One"

Out Now on Music Now Records

Noel is on a roll. Sure he has an outstanding discography of credits to his name from remixing huge artists (BT, Delerium, Jan Johnston) to producing a large number of his own tracks for Music Now. This year however, he is making new waves. With a new, more refined sound behind his productions and an outstanding mix set soon to release on BT’s label Nettwerk, one could argue that he is finally getting his due recognition. If that’s not enough, his 5am repo mix of Jan Johnston's smash "Flesh" is sure to expose him to a huge audience.

“Bardo Thotrol” slights towards the deep end of the spectrum. As Bardo Thotrol translates to Tibetan Book of the Dead, deep was what I expected. The book acts as a guide for the dead during the state that intervenes death and the next rebirth. Read what you will into the track, but laying that as the foundation for your listening will give the song a new sound.

“Toward the One" was featured on Saeed and Palash's "tide:edit 07". Soon afterwards, the buzz ensued. What is it about this track that is so compelling? Well for starters, it sneaks up on you and hits you from outta no where. Not with a punch, but with a wave of melody. It comes out strong and fierce from the beginning, but a feeling of somber frailty consumes the steady rhythmic engine and will leave you in a state of peace. This is my choice from the 12” and has been featured on Progressive-Sounds “Sound Bytes with Chloé.

“Bardo Thötröl / Towards The One” will hit in early November on Music Now. Following that, expect "My Prayer" feat. Dauby with a P B&J mix, and "Kali Ma" should be in stores by the time WMC 2003 hits Florida. If you can’t wait for the release of “Kali Ma”, check it out his mixset on Nettwerk which also features one other original production “Trapped”. “Trapped” as well as “Carry On” have also been heard in his mixsets that are traveling across the United States with Nettwerk label mates Evolution and Tiesto.

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