Artist: Nash-T
Title: The Dark
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 3 June 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Robb and Skinner Stuck In Traffic Mix

Nash-T "The Dark"

Out Now on EQ Grey

EQ Grey turns out yet another popper, with Nash T's The Dark. Nash T hails from Canberra, Australia, and has been producing for upwards of 6 years. He has recently put out a single called "The Bell" on Vapour Recordings, under his other guise, Bluephaze. His sound is dark, and groovy, and techy with a punch, and having Robb & Skinner on remix duties, it's sure to find it's way into many dj boxes.

The original first showed up on Kasey Taylor's Balance 002 cd, back in 2001. This deep, tribal tech monster really packs a lot of punch. A nice hard kick starts things off, while air sounds come in along with the claps. A high-pitched laser sound pierces the song, picking up momentum. A quick break, and the low bass comes in full force. Tribal toms fill up the space, and bring it up to another break, as a resonant sound fills the air, and the kick pulses again by itself. All the drums come back in full force, and a growing synth line comes up pushing closer and closer, and becoming bigger by each hit. The synth really makes the song, as it builds it up proper and ceases with a nice outro.

Robb & Skinner change this song drastically. Adding some spaced out and drugged up vocal samples, and layering sounds upon sounds, the depth is what becomes the focus. Starting out with layered sounds and filtered drums, the song slowly builds into some nice toms, and then to a quick break. A low bass stab comes in, along with some high hats, and a house kick. The sub bass is so big, you can feel it in your chest. The samples take on full control of the song, and walk it to synths that flutter above your head. The swirling sounds create a dark mood, but it's also very groovy. The break is layered with rolling synths, and it's the first sign of the claps. The low synth below pulls the song down to a halt. Tripping out the break, the voices swirl with the air. The drums make a slow resurgence, as everything makes it back in. This song works very well into deep sets as a nice builder.

Nash T creates a really nice atmosphere that is deep and dark, but still groovy, for a full on dance floor killer. EQ have out done themselves again.

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