Artist: Martin Villeneuve
Title: From The Underground
Label: Addictive Records
By: Chloe Harris | 21 October 2002
  • A: Original
  • B: Tribal Fusion Mix

Martin Villeneuve "From The Underground"

Out Now on Addictive Records

MV, also known as ENVY, also known as Martin Villeneuve joins the ranks in the Canadian assault on progressive sounds of the future. Lately, Martin has been capturing the ear of Yoshitoshi picking up mixing duties on the prestige labels IHWT2 alongside Behrouz. Following that, an EP featuring mixes of 'Faith'. On this 12", we get two deep and dark tunes, made for the dancefloor.

The Underground starts out with some sinister beats along with a bit of tribal drumming. With some super low fuzzy tone laid underneath, a voice comes up, and says "the underground". More drums are added, nice techy claps, some high hats, and we slowly move into some deep bass hits. Toms are added, and a low funk comes from underneath. A gated sound flies above you. At the quick break, another synth is added. It's a percussive synth element that is deep and bubbly. With the next break, we hear a loud screaming and pulling sound, taking the song off again and back into the original pattern.

The remix is more focused on the tribal side, with rolling sounds, and more high hats. A percussive key sound, takes you into the funk. The low bass is more apparent in this mix, while the sample is still the same. The synth is similar, just a bit more in the mix. More gated sounds linger above your head, and we take off again, into the funk. A nice remix, but the only difference really, is the composition, and that this tune never really breaks down. A nice alternative.

Another great example of why so many people like Martins tunes. He shines in the deep, and dark area, along with his signature twisted funk.

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