Artist: Moguai
Title: U Know Y (Remixes)
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 27 January 2003
  • A: Distorted Minds Mix
  • B: Si-Begg Mix

Moguai "U Know Y (Remixes)"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Moguai's 'U Know Y' has by now been heard by most people as it's radio and club support has been like no other on Hope Recordings. Whilst the Original and Starecase mixes have been the most accessible, a set of slightly more influenced mixes are now available courtesy of 'Distorted Minds' and 'Si Begg', who add their own uniqueness to the track.

Acclaimed drum and bass outfit 'Distorted Minds' work their own unique vibe into their mix of 'U Know Y', a rough yet bouncy dnb line fluctuating underneath the beats and vocal effects. Funky as f*ck bass also forms an intergral of this mix, analogue style beeps peppering the latter half of the break before it drops back into heads down no nosense stuff. All the usual Distorted Minds elements rework this track for the more twisted floors.

Electro and cut and paste king 'Si Begg' takes things on a darker tip, and wastes no time in showcasing why he's got the reputation he has, quickly dissecting the vocals and filtering roughshod percussion in under the electro groove that ripples along. In comparison to the original, this is almost a version for alternative direction, but in terms of appeal will ensure that the track makes it's way to the more underground clubs and events.

Whilst the mixes here aren't as accessible as the mixes on the original 12", for those who like to mix things up during sets, they are equally worth checking out, with both mixes offering something different with which to work the crowd, but in terms of initial appeal, look to the original 12" first before checking this.

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