Artist: Minilogue
Title: In A Deeper Motion
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mash Up Mix

Minilogue "In A Deeper Motion"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Minilogue are a hot new production outfit from Sweden and have already been causing a stir with remixes on Vsual, SOG Records and many other labels. Their first release 'Deep Emotions' was released on SOG to a great reception and now the follow up 'In A Deeper Motion' arrives on Coventry UK's Baroque imprint.

The Original Mix has already been supported by Parks and Wilson as many other djs. A deep tribal groove leads us into the intro as hi hats build and twist until the main synth line warbles through the bass, before shimmering back the background, re-emerging on occasion to add atmosphere to the track, as cries can be heard in the background as the vocal enters, before the percussion takes centre stage once more, pushing forward harder as the arrangement gains momentum and the vocal returns with a vengeance, leading us into a deep electro break, before both the vocal cries and electro synths are weaved around the main bassline to take the track even higher. Slickly produced, tightly crafted. This mix does the fucking business.

Mash Up, better known to many as Swain and Snell rework the track on the flip, stripping it down, adding a darker house groove to the bassline and teasing the vocal chant throughout, layering in some nice eastern strings to deliver a mix that goes a bit deeper than the original, but still remains faithful. A nice US style mix for the deeper floors.

Minilogue are a name to watch, and with more remixes to come for labels like SOG, keep an eye out for more of their work soon.

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