Artist: Menace
Title: Sound Of The Floor
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Superchumbo Leadhead Dub

Menace "Sound Of The Floor"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Swain and Snell team up with Plastic Fantastic's Oliver Macgregor and sometime vocalist Antonia Lucas on this chunky tribal house cut that first got heard on Steve Lawler's Dark Drums 2 compilation.

The original chugs along, drums crashing, driving along as the layered effects crash and rattle around Antonia's powerful evocative vocal which quite literally fills the room. Meanwhile Tom Stephan, aka Superchumbo filters the track, giving it a deeper, rougher, tough edged feel than is filthy, dark and the bassline literally makes the soundsystem quake as Antonia's vocals growl ferociously from the tough bassline. This remix has been hammered to death by Tom so if you've seen him live in the past few months you can guarantee that you've heard this.

Whilst this may jostle with the other Swain and Snell tracks that are currently being released, its worth checking out for the superb Superchumbo mix which is guaranteed floor destroyer.

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