Artist: Maurice And Noble Feat Jane Hadley
Title: Faith Delivers (Ashtrax Mixes)
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 August 2002
  • A: Ashtrax Mix
  • B: Ashtrax Breaks Mix

Maurice And Noble Feat Jane Hadley "Faith Delivers (Ashtrax Mixes)"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Leeds is home to many things. Club nights such as Back 2 Basics and Union are both very popular indeed and more recently both have moved into one venue called Rehab which makes the clubbing future very rosy indeed, especially with other clubs like the Orbit providing a nice alternative as well. It's also home to Maurice, resident dj at the Union night and fast rising producer. Another Leeds son is Simon Noble, Sunkissed recording artist, collaborator with Bill Hamel and Blackwatch and formerly of the much vaunted production outfit Breeder. No wonder in a town where clubbing is very much an essential thing that these two would meet, form a friendship and put their minds together in the studio. Faith Delivers was the first fruits of this labour, but since then they've gone on to work on many other tracks and remixed several artists. It's most likely through a friendship with Maurice that Ashley Casselle came to hear the track and now with his production partner James Christopher they deliver a double helping of Ashtrax remixes to one of Maurice's early masterpieces.

The Ashtrax Mix uses some stutter effected drum loops and quirky effects as it's core element, teasing us with the evocative vocal of Jane Hadley, locking into a deep groove, and showcasing some of their twisted production ideals in the process. As the track fades down into the break, the feedback that builds up pushes the vocal to the forefront in a very different way. Once again the Ashtrax boys surprise and turn in a twisted tech house rework that will appeal to those who did not like the more progressive original mix.

However, its the breakbeat arena where Ashtrax are much more vaunted, so no surprise that they turn in a 'Breaks Mix' on the flip. Punchy kickdrums, tight drum arrangments and weave back and forth around the vocal like a boa constrictor slowly tightning it's grip. Add in some of Ashtrax's trademark effects and we have a well crafted breaks rework in the slightly more progressive vein on our hands, and one that works well based on what original parts the boys had to work with.

Already in the boxes of Hybrid and Tayo and many of the other breaks jocks, keep your eyes peeled for this special remix vinyl at a store near you soon.

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