Artist: Mark Wheawill
Title: Transition
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 January 2003
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Future House Mix

Mark Wheawill "Transition"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Mark Wheawill is a producer and engineeer who has worked on many projects over the years, the most well known being Source of Gravity with the Steriopulos brothers Chris and Oliver, as well as material as TSYT, Evenflow and Bravemusic (with Gary Morris), and as engineer with Tilt for a brief time. His solo material has received varied reception, with perhaps his biggest solo success to date being the track 'Skylite' under the guise of Vitality on Method and he now follows it up with another solo outing under his own name on Method's mother label Baroque, entitled 'Transition'.

A soft kick drum based percussion line starts off the 'Original Vocal Mix', soon being overshadowed by a soft melody line which rises from within the beats and slowly moulds itself around the groove amidst swirling house ambience. A warm vocal floats within the layered groove but in a way is a bit too serious for the laid back groove and doesn't really grab interest at all. Some nice spacial ambience slips in towards th end to change things up a bit, but overall the mix is distinctly uneventful and in brutual honesty didn't really do anything for me at all.

Does the 'Future House Mix' on the flip redeem the shortfallings.. well.. umm.. not particularly. The beats are twisted through a warm tech house style groove and the vocals are sliced and diced atop the rolling groove but apart from nice melodies also present in the original, again this doesn't really do much of interest.

Compared to 'Skylite', this to me barely scapes even being average in comparison to a lot of Mark's other work, and having been a fan of many of Baroque's releases over the years, would class this as a brown mark on an otherwise impressive catalogue of releases.

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