Artist: Mara
Title: Desanitize
Label: Acetate Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 12 January 2002
  • A: Terminalhead Remix
  • B: Original Mix

Mara "Desanitize"

Out Now on Acetate Ltd

Mara, progressive house and sometimes breaks outfit enjoyed success with this track, Desanitize a while back, with many people hailing it as a nu skool breaks anthem.

Now those people at Acetate Ltd have polished it off and slapped on a new mix from those boys of the Bedrock breaks room, Terminalhead.

Having done remixes for such mainstream artists as Geri Haliwell and NSync as well as Dark Globe and Hyper and Rhymes, Terminalhead drill a hole into Desanitize and intravenously feed it with earth shattering bass and an explosive break to give it a deadly edge.

Meanwhile on the flip the Original Mix is present in all its glory and still manages to sound fresh even today, being able to stand tall amongst some of the more recent top quality breaks tracks out there, but why couldnt they have got another remix rather than rehash something that wasnt really released all that long ago.

Acetate, yet still a fledling label, seem to know the right name to get to remix the classics to bring them kicking and screaming upto date. It will be interesting to see how this continues in 2002 with releases from the likes of Trigger

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