Artist: Madoka
Title: If We Begin
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 August 2002
  • A: Private Mix
  • B: Anything Forever Mix

Madoka "If We Begin"

Out Now on Deep Records

Madoka has become a bit of a favourite amongst the Progressive-Sounds team, with pretty much each member of the team having a particular favourite release of his, be it on his own label Private Reality or Deep, on SAW as Akodama he has produced one top notch production after another, which have gained support from the likes of Sasha and Digweed to name but a few . Now he presents his second release on Deep, following on from Cabaret, this time the track on offer is 'If We Begin'

The Private Mix is a journey through deep synth soundscapes, ethnic influenced vocals and some nice rolling bass. Madoka takes us on a journey, leading us through the darkness, teasing us with light textures and warm chords. A well crafted track that continues Madoka's excellent track record.

The Anything Forever Mix starts off with a more drum influenced bassline, soft percussion complimenting the deep beats as we move ever slightly forward and we are treated with the vocal right from the start, drum arrangements wash over the deep bassline as the synth moves from the background to the foreground and the percussion takes over the track building and building until the deep ethnic sounds and vocals return once more, the echo adding depth as the synth break shimmers through. Spine chilling.

Once again this excellent producer shows how you can merge house and trance ideals with melodies and dark sounds, bringing them all together into one embryo of sound. Yet another superb release and one must wonder what we can expect in the future, as Mark has only just begun to make a name for himself.

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