Artist: Madoka
Title: Dive
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 8 April 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mo Shic & Zidan Mix

Madoka "Dive"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Mark Venneri originally hails from Philly, having been producing and djing for over 10 years, developing his sound into a unique blend of house and trance, far dervied and adjusted from the normal boundaries we expect, and this is his latest offering, Dive.

The Original Mix has some lovely rising percussion which soon leads into some nice deep house grooves, that bubble and boil below the percussion line before the bassline starts to pulsate gently and twists and pans sublimely as the track gathers momentum, snares used to take the pace of the track up slightly, before it fades into a lovely mellow break of deep beats that roll downwards in slick repetition, and the track then softly weaves its way onward before once more adding one final twist as synths clatter upon the beats and lush chords are run over the deep and consistent bassline. Innovative use of beat patterns and diverse enough to keep you interested.

Meanwhile over on the flip we head to the darker sounds of Israel as Plastica's own Mo Shic & Zidan deliver a deeper, more sinister sounding rework, with its dubby synths, hard snares and rapid percussion, giving the track a very eerie sound that feels like you are listening in a deep and cavernous void, easing up only as we enter the break before continuing its journey into the depths once more.

With his own releases on his recently formed Private Reality Records and also on SAW Recordings as Akadoma it seems 2002 will be a successful year for Mark, and once again Mo Shic & Zidan add that extra something that will make sure this release ends up in the boxes of many DJs

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