Artist: Luke Chable
Title: Sealer's Cove
Label: Zero Tolerance
By: Simon Jones | 31 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Midnight In Cyberphunk

Luke Chable "Sealer's Cove"

Out Now on Zero Tolerance

Sealer's Cove. Unless you have been living with your head under a rock for many months, then it's quite probable that you've heard this track, as it's been hammered by all the usual suspects, right down to those lucky enough to have got some early TPs. Even though it was written quite a while ago now, it still rocks just as much amidst the current crop of progressive bombs and with Luke Chable's profile currently rising at a blinding rate, this track gaves a little insight into Luke's production capabilites.

Straight into the 'Original Mix' and the deep beat arrangements lead us into the glorious atmosphere soaked sweeps that push things forward. As the gulls cry amidst the eastern chants that ooze to the surface of the track, Luke spins the beats though a series of twists and turns building to an emotive break and vocal section before dropping back in with no restraint to the groove, finally ending

Luke's 'Midnight In Cyberphunk' version on the b-side is a cavernous breaks revision that has already sent many a breakbeat purist into fits of euphoria. With supporters ranging from Phil K to James Zabiela and even Tayo and Jonathan Lisle, it's easy to see how diverse this is. Dark synth stabs pound against the twisted beat percussion as the dark pulsating grooves lend this a menacing edge that moves through a series of building layers throwing down all manner of evil effects. This mix throws stones and breaks bones. You have been warned.

So there you have it, one of Zero Tolerance's most anticipated releases has now arrived. Snap it up whilst you can.

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