Artist: Lowry
Title: The Runner
Label: Hellpass Records
By: Chloe Harris | 2 May 2002
  • A: Version One
  • B: Version Two

Lowry "The Runner"

Out Now on Hellpass Records

Lowry is the ninth offering from the Hellpass crew, and is a good driving mid set workout. With some nice dialogue taken from "Bladerunner" and some pumping bass, this song is sure to work on the dancefloor, and has been showing up on the Delta Heavy tour, with plays by John Digweed.

There are two versions to choose from, giving you two different options. The Runner starts out with a nice driving bass, while introducing the drums and high hats. The voices come in saying "Question" and "Surprise", with a nice delayed effect. There's a big old school rave stab that comes in every once and while to tease you, and bring you into the song. It's filled with quirky tones, and laser sounds. Once the break happens, it's very quick and is filled with the full on dialogue. There are effects upon effects, and it creates an interesting mood. Kicking back in with the vocal as the hit, the hook of the song is introduced. This funky sounding synth is what really makes it go off. Catchy, but in a very groovy way, the song picks up the most towards the end.

The flip is a bit techier sounding, with delayed drums hits, but still creating an edgy vibe. The voices still delayed, sound much more layered, and cut up. This side has a minimal feel to it, but the synth hook comes in much faster. A lot of the focus is on the synth, but this time around the background is featured, with laser sounds and stabs, while the vocals pretty much stay in the same place.

This is another great release for Hellpass. They seem to grow with each release, and are getting the attention they deserve, especially with this release getting played on the Delta Heavy tour.

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