Artist: Loader
Title: Nothing Is
Label: Four Twenty Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 6 February 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: DJ Remy Mix

Loader "Nothing Is"

Out Now on Four Twenty Recordings

Loader are no strangers to the progressive music scene, having released the track 'Steven S Feat Pete Lavelle - The Red Pill, The Blue Pill' back in early 2001 on Silver Planet's offshoot label, Easy Access. Now they team up once more for this release on Timo Maas's label 420 Recordings with the track Nothing Is

A driving progressive workout, wih tough stabs, warbling bass and a deep hypnotic vocal sample, adding some analogue effects out of the break for extra effect. Timo signed this as soon as he heard it and has been hammering it off acetate for a few months wherever he has played out.

The remix comes from Holland's most excellent DJ Remy who strips out the vocal and toughens up the percussion and bassline vastly, weaving some nice strings in and out of the soundscape, giving the track a sound very reminiscent of Bedrock's Heaven Scent. A monstrous rework thats only goal seems to be to blow the roof off any venue it is played at.

420 is only on its second release, but already is capturing the attention of the usual suspects. How it does as 2002 progresses we shall have to wait and see.

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