Artist: Leama
Title: Requiem For A Dream
Label: Perfecto Records
By: Chloe Harris | 11 January 2003
  • A: Leama's Dream Mix
  • B: Leama's Ambient Mix

Leama "Requiem For A Dream"

Out Now on Perfecto Records

Leama, known by his mum as Martin Smith, has been making quality tunes for years. Having releases out on Baroque, Lost Language, as well as Platipus, and as one third of Odessi, he definitely knows how to make a beautiful tune. And here he is again, creating a surreal vibe, in a lush space. 'Requiem For A Dream' is brilliant.

Drums start out the 'Dream Mix'. There’s hidden background drumming, along with a more upfront kick. Some delays work their way in, as we drop into a quick break, which introduces some synths. Spacey sounds come in over the top, and mesh in with all the symphonic sounds. Everything is being pulled up, as the sample “Dream” comes in. A very quishy electro sound makes it’s way as the main focus. It’s arpeggiated and bouncing, but soft, and beautiful. Some claps come in, and we roll into a long melodius song, that brings out Martin’s work.

The 'Ambient Mix' starts out with sparkly twinkles. It’s mellow, lush and very symphonic. Strings, and layers of melody crash with a slight beat. A synth line captures the movement, and with an arpeggiated sound, it starts moving and flowing, and drifting off into spacey sounds. A very soothing vocal comes in, stretched and pulled so it’s long and smooth. A lovely ambient tune.

Leama has really got something going on this release. Lush soundscapes, and and over all beauty in his music. It’s layered, and very lush, while still having a lot of drive, and moment. Check this out if you love beautiful songs, and watch out for his forthcomimg remix of 2 Players 'Signet' on Lost Language.

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