Artist: Leama
Title: Melodica
Label: Platipus Records
By: Simon Jones | 20 February 2002
  • A: Original Melodic Mix
  • B: Northface Mix
  • C: Humate Mix
  • D: Leama's Space Mix

Leama "Melodica"

Out Now on Platipus Records

Martin Smith hails from the East Midlands in the UK and has enjoyed success with the track Labyrinth on Five AM as well as teaming up with Parks and Wilson for the Odessi singles Moments In Space and Beautiful Malika, but also enjoyed some success with the tracks Melodica and Fabricate on Baroque at the end of 2000. Now Platipus have picked up Melodica, with a view of showcasing it, brighter and louder to a new audience, so once again Leama is back with Melodica.

Spread over two discs, the first disc contains the Original 'Melodic' Mix that was initially released on Baroque back in late 2000 and a remix from Sasha favourites Northface, whilst disc two contains a remix from Humate and a new interpretation from Leama himself, entitled the 'Space Mix'.

The Original 'Melodic' Mix starts off with slow brooding synths and drippy metallic percussion, as the synth expands and vibrates and metallic fx clatter behind the bassline, chanting sounds eminating through the soundscape as the eerie female vocal echos, metallic fx taking prominence as the track fades into the break, as the deep bassy chant takes control, the pace lifting as the main vocal fights for attention against the driving bassline. Still sounding fresh today, and still one of Leama's best productions to date. The Northface mix is harder in comparison, a deeper acidic synth array and tougher percussion forms the basis for a growling slow drift into the main, slipping into a floaty atmospheric break as the main melody washes over the soundscape and the chant erupts.

Humate steps up to the plate to start disc two, a tougher, driving techo influenced mix that is unrelentling and sounds like the sound of metal smashing into a pile, before giving way momentarily as the break enters and drops like a bird diving from the top of a cliff, only to pull up and ascend again at the last moment, continuing its journey. One for the tougher floors, but watch that break do serious damage on the return. Finally, Leama's Space Mix starts off with subtle bass fuelled atmospheric ambience, before frantic synth action lifts the bassline and drives it forward, giving the track a deeper yet rumbling sound. A unique interpreation compared to the original.

With the Original receiving support from Oakenfold, the Northface mix receiving support from Sasha and the Space mix being a favourite with Anthony Pappa, it would seem that a well rounded set of mixes have been comissioned here, but be aware that some of the mixes dont have widespread appeal, so choose carefully which disc best suits your style.

Other than that, a great start to 2002 for Platipus, who now in their 10th year of business have promised plenty more releases and surprises as the year progresses.

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