Artist: Kybosh
Title: Revolution
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 January 2003
  • A: Swain and Snell Vocal Mix
  • B: Make It Mix

Kybosh "Revolution"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Kybosh return to Baroque after a long absence, following on from 2001's 'Playing With Your Mind'. Of course the guys behind this, Kevin Swain and David Snell have more aliases than Al-Kaeda and have been releasing material at a stupendous rate over the past two years to varied reception, let's see how this one fares up..

The main side mix from 'Swain And Snell' is quite different to a lot of things they've put their hand to, a fast paced groove and some nice synth and spacial fx arrangements come together to former the underlying beat but its the highly powerful vocal that really brings it altogther, dicatating the flow and pace of the track, eerie sounds emitting from within the centre of the track and warm chords calming things down on the outro, and no dark tribal groove in sight.

However the 'Make It Mix' on the flip brings that into the equation and is a more stripped back version with dark vocodered vocals and a pretty non-exciting groove. In contrast to the a-side remix, it's like comparing ice cream with horse manure. Quite frankly if i had to sum up this mix in one word it would be dire.

What held much promise turned into a mistake on the flip. It's a real shame the b-side mix doesn't hold a candle to the a-side mix because it brings the overall quality of this release down. I'd recommend giving this a listen and seeing if it's for you before you buy.

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