Artist: Julez & Stone
Title: Always Begun / Pure Science
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 21 January 2003
  • A: Always Begun
  • B: Pure Science

Julez & Stone "Always Begun / Pure Science"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Hungarian producer Julez is becoming almost as much a part of the Sumsonic and Mechanism family as Darko, Gainer and Paul Rogers with the amount of releases he pops up on recently, but here he teams up with his friend Stone for two tracks that attempt to show his production and collaborative skills of, preceeding a forthcoming EP sometime in 2003. Let's see what's on offer..

A rough edged percussive intro drops us into 'Always Begun' before a chunky bassline twists it's way forward and into the atmospheric main section, where a vocal shuffles it's way to the surface, before the outro sees things opt for an heads down approach as things get a bit deeper and more disjointed as the trippy groove slides through. Tight effects bring it all together, but it's not particularly something we haven't heard before, but the b-side is still to come so let's see what that has to offer.

'Pure Science' is far warmer in comparison, taking things slowly as the atmospheric sounds within the track give way layer upon layer of intricate chords, over which a deep melodic groove runs, with a darker edged twist at the end. A nice set opener, but again it doesn't have the tools to do the job better than several other tracks. out there.

As this release closes Mechanism's 2002, the first release of 2003 sees Sumsonic's Darko team up with Austin Leeds for a AA side of material that has been in the making for the last few months. With any luck that shall herald a return to form for the label. We shall see..

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