Artist: Josh Gabriel
Title: Wave3 (Remixes)
Label: Nebula
By: Simon Jones | 6 August 2002
  • A: Josh Gabriel Club Mix
  • B: Charlie May Undertow Mix

Josh Gabriel "Wave3 (Remixes)"

Out Now on Nebula

With the original mixes of 'Wave3' doing the rounds, Nebula have seen fit to put out some extra mixes with the dancefloor in mind, intent on making sure this track gets the long awaited attention it deserves. Josh himself had decided to rework the track, and Charlie May makes another attempt at creating some waves. Lets proceed... there's a storm brewing..

Josh Gabriel's Club mix takes the original and adds huge pulsating effects to that was already in place, giving the track a much tougher, driving vibe, diving into each crashing break, and as the next wave returns, the track ventues deeper and more uplifting. Dancefloors beware, theres a tidal wave coming.

Charlie May returns once more, this time with the Undertow Mix. A faster, more driving rework than his Tsunami Mix, the track rolls upwards, gaining momentum, before launching into the main riff, channeling and containing energy before slowly easing off the pressure where you think it's gonna start looping again. However, as the track fades down, a lush string melody enters and takes the track the next level where it unleashes the energy in one driving finale. Somewhere out there, Hurricane May is cooking up a storm ready to cause damage.

Nebula, normally known for their more commerical trance have banked a winner here. If they intend to make a play into the progressive market and this is the quality we can expect then more please and soon. Hats off to Nebula, Charlie May and indeed Josh himself. If I were a surfer, this would be paradise as it's as big as the most colossal wave ever and one of the most damaging vinyls to drop through my letterbox in a vinyl. Do not miss this.

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