Artist: Jondi & Spesh
Title: Mysteries Of The Giant Squid / Toltec
Label: Black Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 March 2002
  • A: Mysteries Of The Giant Squid
  • B: Toltec

Jondi & Spesh "Mysteries Of The Giant Squid / Toltec"

Out Now on Black Records

For the past 8 years, West Coast boys Jondi and Spesh have produced cuts for underground labels across the globe, and now they deliver a AA side for one of the latest underground labels on the scene, Black, the oddly titled Mysteries Of The Giant Squid, along with the equally as odd Toltec.

Mysteries Of The Giant Squid is a deep, brooding cut, eerie alien fx roll back and forth over the percussion line, the bassline expanding and compressing as if a lifeform is living within, an organism wanting to capture your attention with it dark harmonies, as the synths wash fluidly back and forth in one tight cascading soundscape.

Toltec on the other hand places emphasis on a pulsating beat, soft synths recoiling over the constant bassline as the sounds that loom in the background come ever closer to the foreground, and the track picks up a little pace, entering a drop into a minimal beat, as synths echo and the track takes a darker route, the bassline reverberating and twisting like a rattlesnake. Very dark. Very black. Very spooky.

Second release on for this mysterious label, and once again something different from the norm, yet with an appeal you cannot ignore

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