Artist: Jondi & Spesh
Title: Creep Phase
Label: Looq Records
By: Chad Harnish | 8 March 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Lasse Looq remix

Jondi & Spesh "Creep Phase"Jondi & Spesh "Creep Phase"

Out Now on Looq Records

After receiving world wide support with “We Are Connected” and “The Sway”, Jondi & Spesh deliver another track that has again gained the attention of John Digweed. On Jan 26, 2002 John’s set on his infamous radio show KISS 100 started off with “Creep Phase”. And what a glorious opening that made. “Creep Phase” is about as minimal as you can get but it’s in such a massive way. The melody that sways through this piece is one that will soothe the spirit and the bass line is deep and funky. I never seem to tire of it. Perhaps Jondi & Spesh’s commitment to producing tracks that are “rich in melody and founded in imaginations dark and beautiful” sums it up best. “Creep Phase” is truly a luscious and hypnotic piece of 21st century house music.

Flip this track over to get Lasse Looq’s interpretation. It is not very different from the original which isn't entirely a bad thing. Looq has added a housier bass line, a scattering of spacey effects, and his own percussion and was still able to maintain the mood and feel of the original.

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