Artist: Jerry Bonham
Title: Seventh Seal
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 17 September 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub

Jerry Bonham "Seventh Seal"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Saw Recordings celebrates its 15 release with the likes of Jerry Bonham. A deep bubbly escapade threw dark textures, and washing sounds, which is right up Saw's alley. Jerry concentrates on his drum patterns, and really uses depth on this 12". We get two versions, of "Seventh Seal", the original, and dub mix, with both being different from one another.

Starting out with a kick, an airy sound, and high hats that breathe, we roll into some tribal drums. Claps make their way into the mix, as we fall into a sort of electro bass sound. Kicking back into the percussion, along with the bassline, Jerry takes on a different kick pattern. A piercing synth grows and pushes along in the mix. The bubbly texture underneath the drums, corelesses with a very slow moving pad. The pad moves and swirls, with an arpeggiation added to it. We move into a electronic cash register sound, which builds up into a hard punching piano sound, that then crashes down, into a nice straight beat. This song never breaks, or lets up, and keeps moving. A nice orchestral melody pops in, and carries the song till it's way out. Lovely.

The dub mix is similar to the original but adds some crashing sounds, along with a bit of crunch added to the drums. The electronic cash register sound is there again, and a noisy background fills up the space. Into the break we get a long breakdown, with twisted sounds, and a spooky synth tone that flows threw your speakers. The break builds slowly, and pulses with the kick, every once and a while. Back into the beats, we are surrounded by the lovely orchestral synth once again, and flow right down till the end.

A lovely, deep outing for Jerry Bonham and Saw Recordings. Top stuff, just wait till you hear this loud.

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