Artist: James Holden
Title: Solstice / I Have Put Out The Light
Label: Silver Planet Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2002
  • A: Solstice
  • B: I Have Put Out The Light

James Holden "Solstice / I Have Put Out The Light"James Holden "Solstice / I Have Put Out The Light"

Out Now on Silver Planet Recordings

James Holden first hit the headlines with the track Horizons which took the music scene by storm. This was followed up by One For You and many remixes for such artists as Accadia, New Order and Ashtrax. Now he returns with the AA side release, Solstice / I Have Put Out The Light

Solstice starts with a strange effect that floats back and forth, quirky voices warbling behind the deep bassline, then the track expands, a soft percussion line carries the track forward, the sounds evolving and changing rapidly, like an embryo developing. A series of stretches synths signal the start of the main melody, as the percussion and synths interwine, making the track sound like theres a lifeform developing inside, breathing and causing the sound to take different shape. Subtle yet enchanting, this track will draw you in without you realising it.

I Have Put Out The Light is a much deeper track, subtle melody and captivating vocal samples weaving themselves around the main percussion line seamlessly, as the track progresses it reverses on itself, the melody coming to the foreground and the vocal laying underneath and without warning the situation is reversed. The almost hypnotic beat will keep you interested as you wonder what the track will evolve into next.

James Holden sometimes says "prog is dead". A lot of people may argue this is not the case, but you cannot argue that this guy is very talented and has ways of making music that evolves in ways you do not expect. I'm sure as the years move on that we will see more and more diverse, different ideas from this man.

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