Artist: Jade
Title: The Assassin
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2002
  • A1: Decon's Raining In Clubland Mix
  • B1: Jade's Bruce Lee Vox Mix
  • B2: Jade's Love For Kristina Mix

Jade "The Assassin"

Out Now on Method Records

Jade, aka Texan producer Peter Martin first came to light with the track 'The Safar' on Method, which got jumped on by Pete Tong. His follow up 'A Day In The Life...' was supported by Sander Kleinenberg and Parks and Wilson, and now Method deliver which is in a sense the second part of the 'Day In The Life' story, which explains just who the mysterious man Peter met in Hollywood's Chinatown was, via this unreleased set of remixes, one of which has been highly anticipated.

Decon is Atlanta's Michael Andrew, who as Chamber is currently causing a stir with the track Thunder Dub. However here he deconstructs 'The Assassin' and layers in some subtle bass and some nice groovy beats over the melody line, and when the track enters the main break of Jade's original, it almost sounds like sounds are cascading and trickling down over the soundscape, hence the title the 'Raining In Clubland' mix. A nice reinterpretation that compliments the other mixes well.

Jade's Bruce Lee Vox mix has been anticipated ever since it was featured on Parks and Wilson's Painting On Silence. Tougher and more driving than any of the other mixes, the mix buils and builds as the eastern strings edge in, before the 'Enter Your Mind' vocal powers through the beats to the forefront. As drum arrays cascade down over the track, the energy is built subtly until being let loose in the final break to devasating effect.

Rounding off the package is a tribute of sorts, a small ambient reprise that Peter wrote for his girlfiend Kristina, stripping the track right down to the melody line and adding in atmospheric effects, the sounds of thunder and rain and just utlising the strings as the main basis of the track. Subtle, evocative and a great track to use as a set opener.

Jade has more recently headed into a more melodic direction and hopefully some of his new material will make its way to the masses very soon. In the meantime, check this out. You will not be disappointed.

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