Artist: Interflow Feat Anna Robinson
Title: Storyreel
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 March 2002
  • A: Chris Hampshire 'Flying @ Earth' Mix
  • B: Original Vocal Mix
  • C: Satoshi Tomiie Remix
  • D: Extended Vox Dub

Interflow Feat Anna Robinson "Storyreel"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Following on from Tilt's massive Headstrong was always going to be a hard task, but you know those boys at Baroque always have a trump card up their sleeves, and they deliver yet another in the form of Brighton UK boy Chris Hampshire's Interflow project, with the eagerly anticipated Storyreel which has already been featured on numerous mix cds, including Anthony Pappa's Resolution and the Hernan Cattaneo's Perfecto CD.

On Disc 1 we have the Interflow man himself, Chris Hampshire with his Flying @ Earth Mix, a deep progressive cut with a tough bassline, stuttered vocals as an atmospheric outer space sound replaces the bassline momentarily, letting the vocal take centre stage, before kicking back in with rough stabs that bounce off the bassline, as the vocal gently floats over the soundscape being etched out. Meanwhile the Original Vocal Mix draws its influence from a house vibe, an arrangement that sounds like some of the better material on such acclaimed labels as Subliminal and Defected, the hypnotic house groove allowing Miss Anna Robinson to showcase her amazing voice, staking her claim to become a vocalist who is worthy of much more work following on from this release.

Baroque call on a man who is simply on fire at the moment, Satoshi Tomiie to rework the track on the second disc, a deep rolling bassline, reverbed synths and hard stabs form the backdrop against which Anna's vocal is given the centre stage to perform, and with the assistance of a large dose of Satoshi groove and some superb funky percussion, the track wraps itself together like two ropes perfectly intertwining. One of the best vocal mixes of the year so far, and one that is guaranteed to pack the dancefloor. Rounding off a package is a dub mix with a bassline that sounds almost disco house, keeping use of the vocal to a minimum and just slowly rolling along.

With many more releases for the year already mapped out, Baroque seem intent on trying to turn that quality guage even higher and so far they are managing to do just that. Lets see if it continues.

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