Artist: Innervision
Title: Prophecies
Label: Orient Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 8 May 2002
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dark Drum Mix

Innervision "Prophecies"

Out Now on Orient Recordings

Innervision are Plastic Fantastic's Luis Paris along with Josh Powell. Already they have enjoyed success with the AA side release Shaolin / Supernova at the end of 2001, and now they return with the second release on Orient Recordings to follow it up, entitled Prophecies.

There are two mixes on offer, the first, the Main Mix, is a progressive tribal workout with nice atmospheric synths firing off in the background and slick snare percussion fuelling a sinisterly haunting vocal. Meanwhile the Dark Drum mix takes things off on a deeper tangent, stripping away most of the vocal and in its place putting some tough drum percussion and twisted atmospherics.

With two releases under their belt and with Luis also enjoying success and influence from his other production partner Martin Sharp (as Paris and Sharp) look for both Orient Recordings and Innervision to return once again in the near future.

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