Artist: Innate
Title: Roots Rock
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 16 November 2001
  • A: Cry Tuff Dub (Vox)
  • B: Trippy Disco Dub

Innate "Roots Rock"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Keith McDonell, Baroque label boss and acclaimed producer returns with his second single, Roots Rock under his Innate alias.

Following on from the massive 'Changes' which was re-released in quick fashion on Platipus, Keith has been busy doing remixes in between, but has decided its time to showcase his tight production skills once more. Having already been featured on Parks and Wilson's Painting On Silence mix cd as well as enjoying plays from Deep Dish, Pappa, and even the big man himself, DT.. it looks like this will be another massive hit for Baroque.

The 'Cry Tuff Dub' is a percussive monster, with a groovy dub fuelled bassline, offset with bouncy reggae vocal samples and dark breakbeat drums out of the break introducing some rip roaring bass that is destined to blow the roof clean off any club it is dropped at.

The 'Trippy Disco Dub' meanwhile, is much deeper, more melodic and adds some majorly trippy synths to proceedings, sprinkling in some startling effects that build and buid to the break, before going on all spaced out on us.

Already a favourite of mine and gaining favourable reactions from all who hear it, it is probably one of my favourite Baroque releases to date and a perfect end to 2001. With releases from Tilt and Odessi and remixes from Satoshi Tomiie and more in 2002, the quality is indeed strong and doesnt look like stopping.

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