Artist: Indigo
Title: Division
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris  | 15 May 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Moshic Pro Mix

Indigo "Division"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Indigo is Keith McDonnell, a producer/ dj and co-owner of Baroque and Method record labels. He's known as Innate and for putting out amazing songs on both of his labels. Andy Moor, who's known under his Sworn guise, has been working masterfully in the studio with the Baroque gang, and lending his ear to mastering and engineering duties, like no other 21 year old. These two have worked with many people including a collaboration with Bill Hamel, titled Barotek, which came out on Teknology, as well as working on new songs for 2002. The sixth release from one of Australia's finest labels, sees a nice, deep remix from Moshic, and an excellent original to match.

The original starts out with some nice techy drums and rolls into some electro stabs. When it cuts for a moment, a moan washes over you and throws in the bassline, and what a nice funky one it is. It's deep and bubbly, and keeps the song going. The background is filled with lush synths, and a gated vocal snip here and there. The song really picks up when the purcussive lead hook comes in, and takes you into the break. The break is filled with swirling melodies, and airy washes, and then kicks back in very subtlety. The song holds right there, while the movement into the percussion is smooth, and tailored, and the sounds dissappear. Very nice.

Moshic is always on top form, and of course he does his lovely deep and tribally thing here. This version is a dramatic change from the original, but moves in a differnt direction for a different sound. He works the layered synths into a very slight sound over the top, and a new hook is created which sounds as if it's being used as a high hat. Nice effects, and dark pounding drums, create a tribally journey into the break. The break sounds as if you are in a city very late at night, with just random sounds filling your ears. There's a lot of focus on what's going on, and it's even a bit scary. With a cut up vocal, and devastating stabs, the song picks up once again into the thick drums. This is a Moshic remix you can't miss.

EQ Grey keeps putting out great producers and remixers, that work to define and further their sound. Division is a great release with two very different mixes for all of us to enjoy.

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