Artist: Illuminati
Title: Bohemian Groove
Label: 3Beat Music Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 11 April 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Yum Yum Mix

Illuminati "Bohemian Groove"

Out Now on 3Beat Music Ltd

The mysterious Illuminati continue 3Beat's 2002 release schedule with a track entitled Bohemian Groove, which comes complete with a nice remix from Yum Yum. Theres nothing more I can tell you about the background behind this release, so lets get down to finding out whether its any good.

The original mix is a pumping progressive workout that builds and builds via some tough stabs and good use of snare percussion, wrapped around a spooky vocal sample that gains prominence as the track moves on, then as the beats subside and we enter the break, the track really opens up and drives along gaining more energy as it develops and shapes itself.

Over on the bside Yum Yum deliver a much deeper mix that starts off with some deep and trippy percussion that just growls and swirling atmospherics twist their way around it, leading into some nice drops that appear in between the eerie vocal, as the bassline expands and deflates, giving the track a very spacey feeling, the beats trickling downwards in the drop into the break as the pace slows down to a minimum and synths pan back and forth against one solitary beat before picking up the pace in the final few minutes. A truely captivating workout.

If you are looking for an innovative progressive workout, this is a good place to start, and 3Beat once again surprise with another great release.

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