Artist: Hyper Tension
Title: Drop Zone
Label: Akademia Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 2 September 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Breakneck 2002 Mix

Hyper Tension "Drop Zone"

Out Now on Akademia Recordings

Akademia Recordings is the new breakbeat offshoot of Sheffield's Choo Choo Records, one of the most respected progressive house labels in the UK and further afield. Previously label owners Mara have entered the breaks arena with the widely accoladed Desanitize, and thanks to a common idea with their very own promotions manager Dean Mushin (DJ Filth), have decided to take those ideas further. First up for release we have some established names doing their thang as DJ Hyper teams up with Tension (Nick Davies and James-Gellately Smith) as Hyper Tension with the debut release for the label, 'Drop Zone'.

Techy synthlines, deep beats and a nice consistent percussion line form the nucleus of the Original MIx. Then Hyper Tension really go to work, pushing forward and dropping in some chopped up beat patterns, sprinkling in some reverb effected vox and some dark drums as we head past the break and into the darkness. A rollercoaster ride which will have you on the edge of your seat.

Breakneck offer up a more sinister rework on the flip, atmospherics subtly evolving before we are treated to the sounds that lurk within the depths of hell, a deep growling sound getting louder and louder before mayhem ensues. Tripped out vox only further this filthy evil monster's rage as some drum and bass-esque pads push the beat patterns to the next level. Twisted, debaucherous, but that's just what we love.

Akademia will be home to some of the more established talents within the breaks scene, in addition to some up and coming ones. Expect new material from Vigi and Flip and Mara in addition to material from DJ Filth himself and hot new duo Wrecked Angle (Steve Gerrard and Russel Pearce). Definately a label to keep an eye on for the rest of the year.

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