Artist: Hybrid
Title: Visible Noise / Know Your Enemy
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 August 2002
  • A: Visible Noise
  • B: Know Your Enemy

Hybrid "Visible Noise / Know Your Enemy"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Chris Healings and Mike Truman, known to many as Hybrid have been busy working away on their follow up to the debut 'Wide Angle' album as well as playing a mixture of spacial house, twisted beats and the scratchiest breaks you could imagine in their dj sets at clubs all over the globe. For those anticipating new material, it's been a long wait, but thankfully they have realised that people are foaming at the mouth and have unleashed this limited edition 12" featuring two new tracks on the public.

Visible Noise is already familar to some people, be it those who have heard Hybrid play it out live or on Satoshi Tomiie's Nu Breed album which recently featured it. Starting off with some deep swirling atmosphere that soon leads into some nice rolling beat arrangements, the track draws you in from the start, introducing some drum effects to bridge the space between the background percussion and the beats to great effect. Once the track as you where it wants you, it then starts to build, techy sounds rising to the surface as we enter momentary relapse, before things get very twisted indeed. Forget the strings. This is Hybrid embarking on a darker, more twisted journey, perhaps an indiciation of more experimental tendencies that will show through on their new album. We can only wait and see. One thing is for sure is the boys still abuse equipment.

The flipside dishes up another new track in the form of Know Your Enemy. Immedieatly we are treated to some dark and sinister effects, before some machine gun-esque drums fire off in the background in short bursts, leading us into the first hauting break, twisted spaced out effects wailing and echoing away in the background lowering the mood as we move forward into the main break. As the drums fade away, the emotive sounds rise from the darkness with spine chilling precision as you anticipate the next surprise to come. If it's one thing these boys know how to do when they program a set, it's to toy with your senses. The beats kick back in and once again it's pure adrenalin.

Not necessarily an indication of what to expect from the much anticipated forthcoming album, but more a hint to a newer direction, more twisted experimental sounds and material that will tease us on the dancefloor. With plans for the album to feature experimental strings, more live instruments and guest vocals from the likes of Kirsty Hawkshaw, this DJ friendly 12" serves it's purpose as a teaser for the main course, and will more than satisfy those hungry for new Hybrid material.

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