Artist: Various Artists
Title: Future Grooves Vol 2
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 15 November 2001
  • A: Teimoso Feat Shelley Preston Riding
  • B: Circulation - Grey (Nathan Larsen Mix)
  • C: Circulation - Lime (Silicone Soul Mix)
  • D: Z2 - Black Finished Chrome

Various Artists "Future Grooves Vol 2 ""Future Grooves Vol 2 "

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Hooj have a habit of signing lots of superb sleeper tracks which they then either sit on for ages or get in some superb remixes to take the track into the spotlight, and now and again, they put out a little EP or two showcasing tracks which fit into either of these categories. Future Grooves EP 2 follows on from the first edition, which was released in 1999, giving us a little insight into what the future holds for the Hooj label.

First up is the driving dubbed out progressive cut, Riding, featuring the vocal talents of Shelly Preston, carefully layered over the slick production by Rui Da Silva in his Teimoso guise. Hot on its heels comes a remix of one of three Circulation tracks Hooj signed a while back, the tech rubbed deep house of Grey, capably remixed by one of the hottest deep house producers of the moment and held in acclaim by fans of the Airtight label, the most excellent Nathan Larsen. The pride of Soma, Silicone Soul deliver a funky deep house twist on Circulation's Lime, utilising their own tight trademark production whilst retaining Circulation's superb sound arrangement and effects. Finishing off the EP we have Andy Bury and Rich Mowatt, better known as Solar Stone, delivering a breakbeat influenced tech monster in the form of Black Finished Chrome under their experimental Z2 moniker.

An interesting and varied EP, perhaps an indication of a wider range of tracks and remixes we can expect from the label in coming months. Once again Hooj is setting the trends and not losing even the slightest bit of form.

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