Artist: Holmes Ives
Title: Eros
Label: Shinichi Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 11 December 2002
  • A: Divine Creation Mix
  • B: Ritual Dub

Holmes Ives "Eros"

Out Now on Shinichi Recordings

Holmes Ives needs little introduction here at Progressive-Sounds as all of his productions have met with great reception. Releasing under various aliases (Oko Tek, Memnon) on labels Music Now, Choo Choo and Bedrock, Holmes now puts out this smashing release on Shinichi. He is no stranger to Yoshitoshi / Shinichi as he remixed King of Tomorrow’s “I Want You”, but this is his first solo release with the Deep Dish crew. So what do you get when you mix Shinichi and the solo production talents of Mr. Ives? Read on to find out.

The Divine Creation Mix of “Eros” is soft and mellow with a lot of atmosphere engulfing the dubby bass line. Scatterings of female vocals echo around in this groover. Producing under Ives, you get a great mixture of Memnon and Oko Tek with “Eros”, but I think it is his Memnon sounds that dominate in this mix. He delivers a bit more of his tough, Oko Tek signature sounds with the Ritual Dub leaving trace amounts of the vocal sample spinning throughout the track. It will appeal to those looking for a stripped down, minimal take on the rich in flavor Divine Creation Mix.

In my opinion, the Divine Creation Mix is Holmes best work to date. Kudos to Shinichi for such a great release. The future of Shinichi / Yoshitoshi holds great things as they have a Smith & Selway remix of Chab’s “The Dub Sessions” which just rocks. Also coming up is JAS EP on (with remixes by Envy and Luke Fair). Apparently Luke absolutely killed his mix showcasing his amazing talent.

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