Artist: Hellpass
Title: Housework EP
Label: Hellpass Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 October 2002
  • A1: Shaker
  • B1: Under
  • B2: Ripper

Hellpass "Housework EP"

Out Now on Hellpass Records

Andrew Byrne has made a name for himself over the years, gaining huge support from DJs such as Dave Seaman, Danny Howells and George Thompson to name but a few. Having had a track featured on the Underground Sounds Of Renaissance EP and having remixed Polekat's Time for Renaissance, Andrew was schedule to have an EP released on USR featuring the tracks Shaker and Under. However licensing issues put this on hold, so in the meantime it was decided a limited release on Hellpass's self titled imprint was allowed, and backed with new and exclusive track 'Ripper' here is the Housework EP.

Shaker is a deep and spacey progressive house track that uses a subtle percussion line wrapped around a quirkyly addictive vox sample which bubbles forward into a dreamy electro synth break which finishes off the track nicely. The Hellpass magic is evident here, but there's still plenty more on offer here.

Under is a slightly moodier, darker production with a tribal style vocal that would be suited to a Peace Divison or Steve Lawler set, effected drum snares and some trippy percussion adding to proceedings. Whilst it's tightly arranged, in my opinion it doesnt live up to Shaker, but fret not, there's hope yet.

Ripper is the track that is exclusive to this EP, a full on progressive bomb with dramatic stabs and sirens building and building until the percussive fx ladden breakdown lets loose. It's like one of those little secret weapons you unleash to send the dancefloor into chaos.

With Hellpass working on lots of new material, including remixes of the classic Orcana by Void, and of a track by Mangotrasher for Personal Theatre, watch out for more work from this young man soon.

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