Artist: Habersham & Numinous
Title: Mister Cool
Label: Music Is Freedom
By: Simon Jones | 10 December 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Habersham's House Of Nu Interpretations Dub

Habersham & Numinous "Mister Cool"

Out Now on Music Is Freedom

Music Is Freedom is the new imprint which picks up where Enter Music left off, aiming to go even further into the depths of dance music and showcase a wider variety of sounds and artists. To kickstart things off, we head to the US, where we are introduced to Brett Abramson and Damon Fononi, two hard working producers from Atlanta, Georgia, who under the guise of Habersham and Numinous look set to bring a fresh new sound to not only their local scene, but the world stage and 'Mister Cool' is the first of what will no doubt be many tracks from them.

The 'Original Mix' sees an exploration of drum patterns take place as a smooth house groove just swirls over the top, techy sounds adding an element of warmth to the beats as the drums become more disjointed and the direction to a deeper more sublime mood. In fact it's rather 'cool' indeed.

However the real treat comes from 'Habersham's House Of Nu Interpretations Dub', which sticks to the same laid back template of the original but arranges the drums into layer upon layer of deeply emotive breakbeats that really bring out all of the underlying sounds. A little insight into a talent to be carefully watched in coming months.

So there you have it. One evolving house music. One sublte breaks mix. A whole heap of ideas. Hopefully this will be a formula that Music Is Freedom try to keep maintained, whilst always building and improving to new heights.

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