Artist: Grayarea
Title: One For The Road / Asleep At The Wheel
Label: Polyester Music
By: Simon Jones | 18 October 2002
  • A: One For The Road (Designated Remix)
  • B: Asleep At The Wheel

Grayarea "One For The Road / Asleep At The Wheel"

Out Now on Polyester Music

Grayarea are Chi-Town trio Nosmo, McRae and Ruin. Together they have created a very original and unique sound, a fusion of drums, guitars and keyboards, dragging in elements from all manner of sources, electronica and dance, and basically beating the crap out of the results until they are happy with. And does it work, the answer would be a resounding OH YEAH!

Their debut single on their own Graylabel imprint got picked up by D:Fuse and once Sasha got a sniff of it and dropped it into his set during the inaugural show of the Delta Heavy tour, it all went a bit Pete Tong.. or in other words... it went right off. Soon DJs from Max Graham to Chris Fortier and John Digweed took notice and it was only a matter of time before a label would come along to sign them for bigger things. Step forward Bristol based Hope Recordings, home to Starecase who quickly sign up the trio for a multi single deal, this first release on offshoot Polyester being the first of a two single package, with a brand new breakbeat remix of One For The Road alongside Asleep At The Wheel, so let's find out what all the fuss is about .

The Designated remix of One For The Road starts off with some rapid fire drum loops and beats forging a nu-skool esque groove that drives it's way forward, subtle vocal snippets washing over the twisted atmospherics that shimmer below the bass as the bottom end drops out briefly before layer upon layer of driving beats are systematically rained upon our senses before a nice piano melody returns things to some semblence of order.

Asleep At The Wheel is on a more progressive tip with its deep sub bass effects and trippy sounds locked over a constant rolling groove fused with guitar riffs and eerie fx. A subtle glock-esque sample flicks away within the break remaining until the track heads upwards into a more disorientated direction that comes out the blue, surprising us at every turn. An innovative arrangement and the driving pace really hammer this beauty home.

So there you have it, one single down, one to go. Watch out for the original mix of One For The Road backed with a remix from Gabriel and Dresden on Hope Recordings soon, and also watch out as Grayarea fast become a name you will hear a lot more of very soon, thanks to some great remixes and a superb live show. The future is bright. The future is Gray.

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