Artist: George Jung
Title: Get Together
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 18 November 2002
  • A: Original DeVol Mix
  • B: 21st Century Fux Remix

George Jung "Get Together"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Jim Duvall records under the alias of George Yung, and the well-known moniker Devol, for Saeed and Palash's imprint, Addictive Records. He signed up to EQ Records to record 'Get Together'. He's known for his descriptive soundscapes, of dark, and groovy progressive house and he doesn't disappoint on this 12". Along with remix duties by 21st Century Fuxx, who take this song into a pulsing, sinister gem.

We start out with a kick, and a shaker for the high hats, and fall into some nice claps. Quirky sounds go in and out of the mix, and sort of follow the patterns off of the drums. Building nicely the vocal sample comes in, "No matter where we're at, we always get together". The bass sounds like it's falling like an 808, but maintains a really deep groove. It's low and funky. Some toms join and create a delayed, percussive and minimal feel, which carries the song to a close.

21st Century Fuxx are Martin Accorsi, Luke Chable, and Austin Leeds, and they take this track in a heavier way. The beats start us out very minimal, and build along with layers of high hats, and little clip sounds. Washes run over the tune, as the claps come in. The bass is trembling and driving. A big gulp sound, and we fall off into some filtered drums and into a break. Opening into some beautiful synths that are very faint and then kicking back into it, along with some tribal drumming. Changing again, into some heavy chord progression that hits hard. All sorts of sounds are fading in and out, and a little spacey tone, carries the rest.

EQ has had some phenomenal work come out as of late. Always maintaining a darker edge, but keeping that big room appeal. Jim Duvall pelts out a stormer, that will have dance floors rocking dirty and minimal but with style.

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