Artist: Gardner & Thomas
Title: Turn To Try
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 14 November 2002
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Danceteria Mix
  • B2: Red Jerry Mix

Gardner & Thomas "Turn To Try"Gardner & Thomas "Turn To Try"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

The first time Dave Gardner and Michael Thomas got together to work on a track for Hooj, they spent 72 hours locked away from the world and the result was 'Control'. Now sometime later they return with a follow up. 'Turn To Try', crafted on the sunset laden sands of West Meadow Beach. New York with two laptops and some headphones, and then engineered and mastered at the infamous Blackwatch Studios where the vocals of Emmanuel where added in for the final exclamation point on the track. It must be pointed out that New York has all sorts of strange and wonderful characters, and when Emmanuel isn't laying down vocals for tracks, he likes to spend time stripping expensive cars for spares. I've been informed that Mercedes are one of his favourites in this pastime. But that's another story which you might get to hear about one day. For now.. it's all about the music.

The Original Mix is a electronic edged affair that rattles along as a reverb effected percussion line lays down an atmospheric template over which Emmanuel belts out a rather moody Giorgo Moroder style vocal. Tough drums and layered stabs rock in the backdrop tearing through the break into a superb energetic climax that finishes off the mix nicely.

Gardner and Thomas provide the first of the mixes on the flip, the 'Danceteria Mix' more of drum based progressive rework that is nicely arranged with it's delayed bass synths and dark mood showcasing some pent up anger that only seems to emerge when these two get together.

The final mix comes from the don of all things Hooj, Red Jerry who strips it down and builds it back up gradually, keeping things on the mellow side and adding in lots of trademark RJ effects over the electronic deep house bassline, layered psychadelic riffs really brining the vocal out from within the groove and really giving an extra dimension to this release.

Watch out for another Gardner and Thomas track entitled 'Two' in the future, as well as a little 'remix' the boys have done, taking Coldplay's 'Clocks' to new levels. No doubt bootleg action is on the horizon as I'm sure between them these two dodgy b**tards can sell a few off street corners in and around New York, but for now, snap up this gem. Stat.

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