Artist: Future Acoustics
Title: Keep Keepin On
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 22 November 2002
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dub

Future Acoustics "Keep Keepin On"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Future Acoustics are becoming a mainstay within Plastic Fantastic's family of artists, with this being their third release for the label. Pete Gleadall and James Murphy have put together tough funky house that has been popular with djs like Tom Stephan and 'Keep Keepin On' is no different.

The 'Main Mix' keeps to the tribal template made famous by DJs such as Steve Lawler and Tom Stephan, the usual drum percussion being evident, slowly gaining more prominence as a funky rolling riff drops in to try and change things up a little. Things improve as the vocal slides in amongst the beats, but the arrangement of the track never really develops and just plods along bringing the whole thing down to a level that for me is just about bearable.

The 'Dub' is more of the same with occasional vocals emitting through the bassline and some nice rattle synths in the centre of the track, but there's nothing really innovative here, and most definately not anything that's rocket science.

For a label that has been impressing me with their quality of releases in the past few months, this is a disappointment, and hopefully just a temporary blip in the quality control of those good people at Plastic Fantastic. Having had to endure the tribal template for many months and things having moved on for me personally, this just doesn't float my boat at all, but if that sound is still your thing, check it out.

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