Artist: Fluke
Title: Pulse
Label: One Little Indian
By: Vince Hart | 18 September 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Paris & Healey Mix

Fluke "Pulse"

Out Now on One Little Indian

The innovators of progressive house and superstars of atmospheric-based big beat (and then some!) are BACK after a FIVE-year hiatus. With Jon Fugler's signature raspy vox taking the lead once again, this return is sure to be marked by a fanfare equally as loud as before.

The original "Pulse," clocking in at just over 8 minutes, is a hard industrial/progressive/tribal workout with a heavily distorted bassline and kick drum, triggered erratically on every beat. With a vocal style not too dissimilar from previous Fluke and Underworld, Jon Fugler is found repeating a common catchy vocal theme ("And I am"). Signature Fluke synth washes fill the landscape and distorted guitar riffs give this underground hit a rockstar flare. Not exactly for the faint of heart!

Paris & Healey bring the intensity down a notch by focusing on the percussive elements and atmosphere. The distortion takes a more syncopated backseat in this mix, compared to the in-your-face automated-weapon triggering effect heard in the original. The full vocal isn't introduced 'til halfway through the mix, offering more of a showcase of John Fugler's unique raspy vocal style. Plenty of rump-shaking beats make this one more suitable for the dancefloor than the mosh pit.

Essential for all Fluke fans and quality music lovers, alike.

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