Artist: Fluke
Title: Pulse (Remixes)
Label: One Little Indian
By: Vince Hart | 18 September 2002
  • A: Trisco Mix
  • B: Pulsed

Fluke "Pulse (Remixes)"

Out Now on One Little Indian

Having already reviewed the disc featuring the bone-crushing original version of "Pulse," we couldn't resist reviewing the remixes, either.

Disco prog-stompers and newfound Fluke comrades Trisco offer up the first remix, which is a tribal-influenced, bassline-driven, vocoderific rendition that builds to a screaming frenzy, pushing the dancefloor over the edge.

In signature Fluke style, Fluke themselves offer up the second remix. This version takes the progressive melodic route, bordering on trance but still retaining the credibility of the original. Gone is the distorted mayhem of the original and in it's place is a drugged up rhythmic workout with engulfing, syncopated synth washes and full vox intact.

Another couple of head trips from One Little Indian, this (along with the original) should be out sometime in October.

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