Artist: Flash Brothers
Title: Hazy March / Captured
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A: Hazy March (Original Mix)
  • B: Captured (Original Mix)
  • C: Hazy March (Ils Mix)
  • D: Captured (Joshua Collins Mix)

Flash Brothers "Hazy March / Captured"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Israel has given the electronic music scene some quality artists and material over the years. From the psytrance days of artists such as Yahel, to the more recent dark and delicious grooves of Moshic & Zidan, this is merely the tip of the iceberg as Israel's musical troops are forging an invasion on the worldwide scene, and leading the pack we have the Flash Brothers, Shmuel, Ilan and Reuven who have tracks signed to Bedrock, Perfecto, Addictive, Yoshitoshi and many more under various guises, and of course this double helping of tracks, Hazy March and Captured, taken from their album Global Trible on the Israeli imprint, Agnosia.

Hazy March is a set opener or closer of epic proportions, its dreamy synth arrangement slowly weaving it's way along rising and falling between the low bassline that runs throughout the track. Subtle arrangements, beautiful strings. This track has it all and been supported by everyone from Cass to Sasha and John Digweed.

Captured is a laid back affair, deep atmospheric synths echoing over a trippy percussion line as smoky vocal samples and eastern influenced sounds wash over the beats evoking a real feeling of depth. A different side of the Flash Brothers that showcases the versatility of this trio.

On disc two we are treated to some remixes in true Hooj fashion. First up, breakbeat name of the moment Ils delivers a punchy breaks remix of Hazy March, retaining the string arrangement but giving it a real kick up the backside before getting down and dirty in the break with some filthy reverb effects. Large.

Meanwhile, Prolekult's latest signing Joshua Collins adds his own unique tech house sound to Captured, sliding in lots of floating atmospherics, soft pads and strings to really mellow the groove out and give a totally different alternative to the original. However, the original is still the one here, so check that first before heading for this mix.

Once again the Flash Brothers deliver, and with Shmuel doing his solo thing under his own name with the massive Chilling Moments and also as Deep Amok and Schmoo, make sure you keep an eye on this talented trio over the coming months.

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