Artist: Fitalic
Title: Virus / Viewpoint
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 21 August 2002
  • A: Virus
  • B: Viewpoint

Fitalic "Virus / Viewpoint"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Fitalic are Jeroen Wunderlich and Robin Fitter who both come from Holland. Already they have gained the attention of labels such as Majestic, Bedrock, Sumsonic, SOG and even Japan's 19Box imprint. Their reputation must be spreading as Kasey Taylor has snapped up two of their tracks, Virus and Viewpoint for his Vapour imprint.

Virus is what you could call 'trance'. Pounding progressive grooves combine with layer upon layer of effects, stabs and synths as the track builds into an industrial mechanical-esque break with huge impact. Peaktime mayhem ahoy, as the track crosses the boundaries between progressive and trance without going too far up it's own arse.

Viewpoint is aimed at a different kind of floor. More minimalistic in it's approach, it edges in slowly before the bassline comes in from the blindside and things go off on a tangent. A string ifluenced break changes the direction once more just when you least expect it. Mindfuck material for the dancefloor.

Vapour offer up yet more new talent, and their money seems to invested in the right place here as this duo have a very bright future ahead.

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