Artist: Filterheadz
Title: The One Who Got Caught
Label: Pitch Black Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 September 2002
  • A: Terrace Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Filterheadz "The One Who Got Caught"

Out Now on Pitch Black Records

Bert and Maarten Wilmaers used to produce disco house, but that was before a remix request came in to remix Minimalistix's Struggle For Pleasure, which changed things forever, and the 'progressive' Filterheadz sound was born. Since then the remix offers have been flooding in, and it's only recently that the guys have been able to find time to work on some original material of their own, and 'The One Who Got Caught' is one of the first fruits of their labour.

The Terrace mix is a hybrid of tribal drums, dark grooves and deep rolling beat arrangements, layered and overlapped in such a way that it gives off a very hypnotic feel. The vocal comes flowing in and adds atmosphere to the track, taking it off into a more diverse direction, the eerie breakdown giving momentary respite before the main bassline slides back in and grabs you by the throat. Well crafted and well produced. Little wonder why the guys are hailed as one of the most consistent production outfits around at the moment.

The Original Mix is slightly rougher around the edges, trippy synth lines flickering away in the background. and hard snare rolls are dropped over the bassline like blitzing bombs from a jet. The arrangement is more driving than the a-side mix and as proceedings build further and further, this filthy progressive house cut really comes into its own.

With support for the track having already come from Sander Kleinenberg (who featured it on his Essential Mix cd), and with the guys currently having been enlisted for remix duties on the new Bedrock single. Emerald, in addition to that of the new israeli talent Vek, it would seem the Filterheadz are going to be around for some time yet.

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