Artist: Filterheadz
Title: The Rhythm / Protection
Label: Pitch Black Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 November 2002
  • A: The Rhythm
  • B: Protection

Filterheadz "The Rhythm / Protection"

Out Now on Pitch Black Records

The Filterheadz, brothers Bert and Maarten Wilmaers have been hot property this year, with remixes for the likes of Bedrock, Ashtrax and DJ Tiesto all being released to critical acclaim. In addition to this original material such as 'The One Who Got Caught' has found it's way into the box of Sander Kleinenberg and many other DJs, and the massive collabration with Tomaz, 'Sunshine' is set to become one of this year's big crossover techno hits. Now the duo return with two new tracks entitled 'The Rhythm' and 'Protection'

'The Rhythm' sees the Filterheadz enlist the vocal services of Tomaz for a dark house outing, tough rollling percussion fuses with a bass heavy b-line, energy and atmosphere building as the sinister vocals of Tomaz pierce the soundscape, loud sweeping synths pushing the groove together as the darkness unfolds on this slightly different direction for the Filterheadz, but one they manage to work quite comfatably with in.

'Protection' is a slightly more happier tune. A deeper hypnotic groove works it's wonders here, a minimal melodic synth line shimmering away as the tempo builds, melancholic chords swirling around the emotive vocal sample that oozes through on occasion. Atmospherics fill out the bottom end as the groove drives forward to close. An emotional slice of progressive trance that manages to stay clear of any misconceptions associated with the 't' word.

Already both tracks have been supported by Rui Da Silva, John Digweed, Austin Leeds, Danny Howells and Jimmy Van M to name but a few. With tracks such as 'Poised World' set to come on Bliss, and the massive Digweed favourite 'Beside You' lurking in the wings, the Filterheadz aren't going away anytime soon.

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