Artist: Evenflow
Title: Indecisive
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones  | 29 April 2002
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Mark Wheawill Dub

Evenflow "Indecisive"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Evenflow is the second release from Source Of Gravity's Mark Wheawill alongside production partner Gary Morris. Together the duo have already had the single Spiritualized released on Method under the name of Bravemusic, and now they deliver the first of their Evenflow productions on Baroque, entitled Indecisive.

The Original Vocal Mix features Mark Wheawill on vocals, with a nice progressive bassline forming the basis of the track, consistent claps and snares rolling off the bass with precision timing, before the main vocal hook kicks in, drawing you in before heading off into another direction as the second verse enters, introducing some nice chords in the background in the lead to the break, the vocal just taking the track to the next level.

As we fade to a nice subtle synth, the pace lifts and the bassline kicks harder, then pause, and wham.. in comes the vocal more powerful than before, Mark's amazing voice really being showcased to the max, rivalling even the almighty John Graham in terms of vocal calibre.

Meanwhile Mark's own dub mix takes the track off into a deeper place, utilising some nice synths that weave in and out of the percussion line. The bass says nice and consistent as the vocal is teased in amongst the soundscape being laid down. As the track gets more twisted it heads upwards into a more progressive direction. Definitely something you could use on the way to the peak time section of your DJ set.

Already having caused a stir due to its inclusion on Baroque's showcase mix cd which was on the front of 7 Magazine in December 2001, and having since been included on Parks and Wilson's first cd for Trust The DJ, no doubt the interest is going to grow, make sure you check this one out because its damn hot and probably one of Baroque's finest releases of the last few months.

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