Artist: Echomen
Title: The Truth
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Chad Harnish | 10 July 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Weekend World Remix
  • C: Chris Lum Remix
  • D: Northern Lite Remix

Echomen "The Truth"Echomen "The Truth"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Can you handle the 'Truth'?

Chris Scott and Anton Fielding (Lexicon Avenue) are back at it with their new single 'Truth' on Hooj Choons following last years 'Thru 2 You'. Four tracks spanning one CD or two slabs of vinyl set free some great remixes upon the dance world. Vocalist Cheb Stewart, with a retro styled vocal, fuels the tracks mood. This is clearly a standout track for 2002. “Aint it funny how…a simple thought unspoken…”

The original mix starts off this set with pure style. This track is swarming with beautiful melody, dreamy ambience and light handed percussion. Gripping vocals reach out to your senses after a haze of synthetic effects. These vocals are a natural fit with the mood of the track and will stimulate elevated feelings upon the emotions of the listener.
This is clearly a standout track for 2002. “Aint it funny how…a simple thought unspoken…”

Weekend World have been making a name for themselves recently with their single 'The Wold' starting off Nick Warren’s Global Underground 18 compilation and their remix of Circulation’s ‘Turquoise’ appearing earlier on Hooj. With this remix, being a favorite of Deep Dish, they have delivered an absolutely beautiful interpretation. It comes out hitting hard with its intriguing drum layers and heavy, solid bass line. The melody is set afloat using immense synthesizer patterns. The vocals add a great air to this track but that is not all this track has to offer as a dub version would easily stand by itself. The track soon builds into a frenzied peak only to let the track whirl to a misty breakdown which is sure to cause a moment on the floor. The track breaks loose afterwards to finish its journey.

The Chris Lum Remix will grasp your attention with its bongo breaks infused intro which is soon joined by a thick drum sequence. When the jovial bass line introduces itself, it is sure to put a groove in the seat of your pants. The vocoded vocals echo in with "You change my direction" which repeats it's way through the track for a moment. The vocals switch up adding additional verses amongst the re-introduced breakbeats giving a bit of a pause on the floors. The track falls back into the style of where it begun with the vocals, ironically, “You change my direction”. It’s a good remix, but I could do without the retro record scratching sounds.

Finally, with their remix, Northern Light’s use of electric guitars and a blippy bass line give the original version an impression of a harder, tougher New Order styled feel. The vocals are placed superbly throughout the song emphasizing the vocals as opposed to dropping it in as obvious sample snippets. It comes across more as a song if that makes sense, but would still rock a dancefloor. Northern Light makes excellent use of breakbeats here. This remix has great. It puts a huge smile on my face.

This single is available now on The original mix is also available on Hooj's latest compilation - Further which can be picked up as 2 cd mixed journey or unmixed on triple cd, however, it is not on the unmixed vinyl version. So for those of you who wish to mix it in vinyl style, you have to buy the single release.

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