Artist: Earth Deuley Presents Neo
Title: Kontraband / Faceless
Label: Hellpass Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A: Kontraband
  • B: Faceless

Earth Deuley Presents Neo "Kontraband / Faceless"

Out Now on Hellpass Records

Earth Deuley hails from Georgia, Macon to be precise, and has already found praise from Peace Division's Clive Henry, Paolo Mojo and many other djs, and with releases on Low Pressings and Addictive's Low Lit imprint, he now finds his way onto the imprint of his friend Hellpass, as Earth Deuley presents Neo with the tracks Kontraband and Faceless

Kontraband starts off with some tough stabs underpinned by some soft percussion which rises and falls like a rattlesnake slinking its way through the dark of night, before some minimal synth action provides cover for some low bass. The bass murmurs below the sound arrangement emerging from the speakers, before the beat rises from the depths, like bubbles bursting on the surface of water. A refreshing slice of house that combines tech and progressive elements to great effect.

Faceless on the other hand is on a deeper tip, with snares sounding like they are being fired off in a cavernous void, and soft quickfire percussion building the mood as squelchy effects flicker in the background, before a low analogue bleep sound is introduced, really giving the track another direction completely, all coming together to create a deep techy workout that compliments the a-side very nicely.

A bit of a diversion from the usual material we have become used to on the Hellpass label, but a welcome change all the same as Earth Deuley once again showcases some superb minimal, yet intriguingly different material for those deeper more laid back sets. This tenth release is one with a difference.

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