Artist: Duel Feat Candyman
Title: Psycho Friend
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 May 2002
  • A: Jas Mix
  • B: Ortus Dub

Duel Feat Candyman "Psycho Friend"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Mechanism return with a release from Hungary, in the form of Duel Feat Candyman's Psycho Friend. Following on from a hot remix of Sleepfreaks most recent single Chemcical Shift on Planetarium Hungary, it's now the turn of this excellent production from Duel themselves to shine, and it wll be released additionally on Play Recordings and Planetarium, with Play releasing mixes from 2 Sinners and Cabase, and Planetarium releasing the Original along with an additional mix. However, its the Mechanism set of mixes we're concerned about, and they come from NYC producer Jas and South West UK up and coming talent Lewis Hopkin aka Ortus.

The Jas mix is a full vocal masterpiece thats starts off with a cut up vocal sample before deep atmospherics lead into a tribal influenced percussion line. It's from here that Jas sprinkles in some of his trademark pad action that really gives the track some fire and lifts proceedings to another level. As the main vocal kicks in, you could be easily mistaken for thinking this is Underworld, as it sounds very similar to some of their best vocal productions. The pace remains constant as the house grooves bubble beneath the vocal. An outstanding remix from one of the best up and coming producers of the moment.

Meanwhile Ortus get all dubby on us, with a pounding progressive dub. Utilting deep, subtle grooves and soft stabs, he constructs a soundscape that spirals upwards with each section of beats revealing more of the atmospherics residing in the background as the track builds even further. Peaktime material even though its a darkly delicious cut, and Ortus once again do not disappoint.

Be sure to check out this latest release, and if you cant find a mix you like here, hunt down the others.

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