Artist: Drive Red 5
Title: Yours Sincerely Lionel
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 February 2002
  • A1: Hong Kong Mix
  • A2: Sexappella
  • B1: Messalina Suite

Drive Red 5 "Yours Sincerely Lionel"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Drive Red 5, aka producers Roberto Masi, Mario Caminita, and Marco Bertoni hail from Italy, and bring to us this dirty ditty about a dirty dream that dear old Lionel had about his friend Sexy Charmaine, a soulful male vocal telling us the story about Charmaine and her friend, and her beautiful sexy body, funky house that captures your attention with the quirky vocal and the tight house beat gets you moving on the floor. One of the funniest tracks I've heard all year, but strangely addictive. Porno music for the dancefloor. For the perverts out there, theres a 'sexappella' containing just the dream.

Meanwhile over on the flip is 'Messalina Suite' which retains the vocal, and lays it over a driving disco house beat, complete with italian piano, that sounds like like its lifted from some low budget b-move with no plot, but manages to somehow be captivating.

One of those rare records that will make you think 'What The Fuck' when you put it on, but one that strangely works very well. Hats off to Distinctive for daring to do something out of the norm.

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